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Ruqayah Abdulwahab Alqatami Breast Cancer Foundation

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In 2020, Hayatt helped 51 breast cancer patients in Kuwait, despite the difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic. We need your help to continue to provide the life-saving treatments to women who cannot afford the medical expenses.

There are breast cancer patients waiting for compassionate hearts to help them get expensive treatments they can not afford. Your generosity and great support to those in need will instill hope & will bring happiness to the family. In May 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration, in addition to approvals from European and Swiss agencies, approved Kadcyla to treat patients with early breast cancer. Kadcyla is a drug used within the treatment plan for breast cancer patients, as the drug interferes with cancer cells during their growth and spread in the body, which reduces the severity of their spread and their effectiveness. Kadcyla is used in early and late cases of breast cancer, and it is given by injection. Patients with early HER2 positive breast cancer are at risk of recurrence of breast cancer, but with the presence of Kadcyla the risk of recurrence is reduced by 50 percent. Kadcyla dosage 3.6 mg/kg every 3 weeks (21-day course) for 14 cycles (1 year) The cost of treatment per patient: For one year 15,624 KD (One dose 1116 KD)