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Water Drop Endowment - International Islamic Charity Organization

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The idea of this endowment depends on the imprisonment of the endowment money as an asset in which the share starts with KD 300, and the asset is invested and the Authority spends its proceeds on the purposes of this endowment.

In light of the suffering of many peoples of the world from water shortages, where more than one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, the endowment comes to be a source of providing water irrigation projects that are implemented through its annual rents to the poor and needy, watering and watering it to ensure the continuation of human life.

Endowment Banks:

1 - Projects of drilling artesian and surface wells in poor areas.

2 - Projects for the construction of dams and the provision of water pumps.

3 - Projects for the dissemination of water pathways.

4 - Projects of desalination, cooling and treatment of water to be safe for drinking.

5 - Projects to transfer water to villages and poor areas.

Dear Donor: In the event that you donate a share, a certificate of endowment share will be issued in the name of whoever you wish, we hope that you - kindly - provide us with your correct data to communicate with you, as the certificate will be sent to the address you specify.

Dallah Waqf share: KD 300

Overnight Endowment Fund shares: KD 750

Derwaza Waqf share: KD 1000

Al Dana Waqf share: KD 5000