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Objective: To provide urgent relief, through sustainable development projects in countries suffering from catastrophes, humanitarian crises and difficult living conditions.

Beneficiaries: 500 thousand people

Target: 8 countries (Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh)

Spending aspects: development projects (such as: water wells, mobile clinics, field hospitals, building houses for the poor, halal earning projects).

Implementation period: throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, and its goodness remains and its benefit extends as long as God wills.

Projects details:

1: Digging artesian wells in Al-Rawdah district (Yemen): 50,000 benefit from them. Cost: 50,000 KD

2: Operating a medical clinic in the “Atma” refugee camp in rural Idlib: 110,000 people benefit from it in the first year; Cost: 41,000 KD

3: Mobile medical clinics in 6 camps in Aleppo: 70,000 people benefit from them in the first year; Cost: 17,000 KD

4: A mobile village (caravans) housing families in the state of “Kahramanmaraş” in southern Turkey: 45 families benefit from it. Cost: KD 87.975

5: Implementation of 7 sustainable income-generating projects in Jerusalem: benefiting 35 individuals (each of whom supports a large family); Cost: 61.662 KD

6: Drilling an artesian well with solar energy (diesel) in Somalia: with a default life of 30-40 years, benefiting 280 thousand people, in addition to livestock; Cost: 45,675 KD

7: Building 60 homes for the poor affected by the floods in Pakistan: 60 families will benefit from them; At a cost of 90,000 KD

8: Equipping and operating a charitable bakery in Lebanon: 48,000 loaves of bread are distributed daily to orphans, widows and the needy, benefiting 9,600 families daily. Cost: 30,000 KD

9: Building 100 homes, distributing food baskets sufficient for the family for a week, and distributing clothes to Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh: 1,800 refugees benefit from it; Cost: 61,500 Kuwaiti dinars.

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