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Teach Them and Share the Reward - Balad Alkhair Society
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Ongoing sadqa to achieve the dreams of orphans and underprivileged families.

The school season this year comes with the continuing repercussions of the humanitarian crisis that families are experiencing inside Kuwait and in the countries of calamity abroad as a result of the effects of the Corona virus. With your support, we seek to provide assistance to these families so that their children can complete their dream of education and being in their schools.

It is a charity that achieves more than good (it is the charity of beneficial knowledge and the happiness of distress).

In the first stage, we aim to:

- 50 students to pay tuition fees for them, the average cost of the student: 350 KD

- 500 students to provide uniforms and school bags

The value of the share for the student: 20 KD

Contribution is available in any amount

Zakat is permissible for the project